Capabilities of the translating system SLI Translate

  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Automatic translation of content via API Yandex Translate
  • Quick translation editor with automatic saving
  • The possibility of searching the content by page "url"
  • Protection against duplication of content
  • Smart translation!
    You won't have to double-translate the text, which differs in numbers and symbols.
    For instance, the text "Today we were visited, 5 people" and the text "Today we were visited, ~123 men" will be translated only once, and all the remaining occurrences will be analyzed and converted automatically by the system.
  • Flexible adjustment of the content parsing system with the possibility of specifying attributes that should be translated; page content not able to be operated by the translator; the possibility of replacing the images and other content depending on the language version and more.
  • API for obtaining the necessary information about the languages; functionality of the language selection; adding content to blacklist.
  • Scanner of the site pages with the option of site scanning by means of "sitemap.xml" file
How do we plan to improve the new version?
  • Visual content editor
  • Creating accounts with limited rights to translate into specified languages only, and with the prohibition of access to the settings and scanner
  • Alert the administrator and editors of the new texts needing translation
  • Automatic translation of a website in one click with data illumination (automatic/ checked /manual translation)
  • The list of originals which are not used
  • Blacklist
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Multilanguage interface of the admin panel
  • We are open to your proposals on improvement of the program. Contact us

SLI saves time and money, it gives the opportunity to get access to the worldwide audience promptly and without problems.